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With Pallas Minerals, your resource exploration journey starts here. Specializing in Copper, Palladium and Gold.

Exploration in Sweden

Pallas Minerals Ltd. is a Canadian based company with a wholly-owned subsidiary, Pallas Metals AB, located in Sweden.

Exploration & Discovery

Seasoned geologists and mining industry specialists with experience and regional knowledge in Scandinavia have teamed together to find mineral deposits of Copper, Palladium and Gold on over 12,000 hectares of land in the Bottenbäcken area of Sweden.

Global demand for these resources has continued to rise as the race to reduce global warming requires transition from fossil fuels to alternative power sources including electric. To produce these electric power sources raw minerals are required.

Historical drill results and geological work dating back to 1972 provides significant data for future and current drill programs. Our current drill program continues to progress and is in the process of defining indicated and inferred resources at various sites.

Surface rights for exploration are finalized with all required drill permitting completed.

Name Origin

Pallas is the name of the second asteriod ever discovered. German astronomer Wilhem Oblers discovered it in 1802 and named it after Pallas Athena, the greek goddess of wisdom.

William Hyde Wollaston discovered an unknown metal in his experiments with platinum in the early 1800’s. When he published his findings in 1805, this unknown metal was given the name Palladium after the Pallas asteroid.

Pallas Minerals Ltd. and its subsidiary Pallas Metals AB names originate from these discoveries. Palladium is one of the primary minerals found in our exploration of the Bottenbäcken area.

Pallas Minerals Ltd.

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